Studio Preparation, Tips & Advice

General Advice

Preparing adequately for your photo shoot will make the maximum use of your time in the studio, leading to superlative, truly outstanding results of which you can be justifiably proud.

There are four main elements of a photo shoot which need to be taken into consideration beforehand. These are

  • Posing
  • Clothing
  • Props
  • Accessories

These will obviously vary according to the type of photo shoot being under taken. For example, the clothing requirements for a pregnancy portrait are completely different to that of a newborn baby.

Do some research on the internet

The best general advice we can give is to do some research on the internet and find studio pose, clothing styles, and props that you like.

Print these pictures out and bring them into the studio. Pay attention to clothing styles and with particular attention to accessories .Clothing accessories are a quick and easy way to change the look and feel of any outfit.

We have a variety of props in the studio but we do ask clients to bring in their own for two reasons. The first is hygiene, of particular importance in the case of babies and newborns. the second is for the sake of variety, creativity and originality

Finally, make sure that everyone is well rested, well fed and had a good nights sleep. This applies to both adults, babies and kids.

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Babies and Toddlers


Young children have a very short attention span and can become quickly bored unless their curiosity is stimulated in some way.

Bring in baby's favourite toys and books and costumes. think about coordinated themes. For example, a Bob the Builder outfit, with a builders hat and some tools would make an excellent studio shot

Toddler in the Studio


Cute nappy shots are almost obligatory in baby photography.

Bold coloured clothing without fussy patterns looks great in the studio.

Fairy, pixie and ballerina outfits look good as do football strips. Onesies and baby grows also look rather cute.

Birthday Photo Shoots

Many of our baby studio shoots are to celebrate baby's birthday. Bring in balloons, streamers, cake with candles, party hats etc


Newborn Preparation


It is generally considered that the best time to bring baby into the studio is within two weeks of birth.

Clothing and Props

For hygiene reasons, parents should provide their own. Come into the studio with a collection of throws or small blankets in bold colours.

Very popular at the moment are big textured wooly hats nappy sets and hammocks. These can be purchased cheaply from any number of suppliers on the internet.


Baby in the Studio

Get the family to join in

Mum and newborn shots are a good idea, so do a little research on the web into poses that you like.

Dad, brothers and sisters, granny and grandad can all take part, so think about posing and clothing and how you want the resulting photos to look like.


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